Karin Kerremans


Karin Kerremans began DATBureau in 2000 together with Tess Savenije. They combine creativity with practicality. Their many and varied clients come to DatBureau for branding and many other products. Their motto is: Design must not only look good – it has to work.

Karin designs in her own unique way. She won’t push her designs on you as she is very aware of the need to take both the goals and the preferences of her clients into account. Step-by-step, she takes you with her in her thought processes and shows you how she arrived at a fitting design. Her approach is professional, clear and structured.

‘Working together with Faye was an eye-opener. Her personal analysis for clients turned out to be extremely useful for defining the look and feel required for any design. Astrology even has something to say about colours.’

Karin Kerremans: www.datbureau.nl