Branding profile

We define your purpose

Unique to Strut Your Stuff is the inspiring session with Faye Blake which results in a professional branding profile. She helps you define who you really are and where your heart lies. What is authentic to you or your company? In one session she highlights your strengths and talents. But it doesn’t stop there. She clearly explains what you can do with these talents and how you can successfully focus your brand in the market.

Faye uses astrology to create a branding profile. Not the sort that you see in the newspapers, but the real art: the study of time and cycles. A personal, or company horoscope is the instrument she uses. To Faye, astrology is not a belief system but a tool, one that clearly helps her clients gain insight. Faye’s approach is unorthodox, creative and direct. In one session you will get down-to-earth, practical advice. And a lasting branding profile.

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